Terry Ryan is a Cleveland native and former US Marine found his love for Special makeup effects in his teens and studied some of the work of Tom Savini through his book "Grande Illusions". Terry, self taught, prides himself on realism with his effects. You can see some of his award winning work on Facebook at MT Morgue llc, and through several independent films, shorts, and photo shoots. Terry shows no signs of slowing down and has written the screenplay for the movie " The Hunting" with his wife Heather who are both now producing the upcoming independent film.

Heather Ryan was born a "valley girl" in Encino, California. Her family moved to Cleveland when she was 4 years old. Heather had the movie bug at an early age and would visit relatives working in the movie business in LA every summer through most of her childhood. Heather loves to tell a story and is currently seeking a publisher for three children's books. Heather and Terry's son Matt also has a talent for writing and is an amazing artist who has inherited the love of horror effects. This family affair has all the tools to breath life into a phenomenal project.

Heather and Terry Ryan  Writers/Producers

The Hunting is a feature length horror/thriller film currently in development.

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