The Hunting is set on Halloween in the picturesque town of Garretsville, Ohio. Garettsville is small town life at its best. A town that prides itself on coming together as a community. The scenery is a beautiful backdrop for The Hunting. The Mayor was gracious in every way, right down to the use of his 40 acre property. The quaint streets are lined with historic buildings restaurants, pubs and shops. Its “quiet and safe” vibe is the perfect visual contrast The Hunting storyline. From a logistics standpoint this location was selected because of the ease of going from one set to the the next. A huge save on time. Garettsville welcomed our production with open arms. The Hiram inn is a 10 minute drive away and boasts a Victorian feel. Our film cast and crew are sure to feel at home and have all the ammenadies to perform at their best.

The Hunting is a feature length horror/thriller film currently in development.

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